Yahoo Mail Updated With New User Interface And Apps

by Mike on December 11, 2012

Yahoo Mail Updated With New User Interface And Apps

Over the past few years, the number of users that rely on Yahoo Mail as their primary source of online email has declined as many users have migrated to other third party providers such as Google and their Gmail service.

Still though, Yahoo has a large user base that they need to attend and as such, we are now hearing that they have introduced some improvements in their service. To begin with, there are updates to the user interface which offers a crisper appearance and the search functionality has also been improved. According to some sources, the objective of these changes was to bring Yahoo mail more in alignment with Gmail. The company announcement on these changes were announced today by Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s Chief Executive Officer, and in her comments, she noted that the changes will be available shortly to most users.

This however was not the end of the Yahoo improvements that they had in store for customers. Yahoo has also updated their homepage and they have also come out with a pair of apps for Windows 8 and the iPhone. Although an iPad app is notably absent, the iPhone app does support gesture commands for message tagging, push notifications and auto-address completion.


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