WordPress Says Large Number Of Tumblr Users Leave After Yahoo Buyout

by Mike on May 20, 2013


With the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo now done, the question remains, just how will customers react. For its part, Yahoo has gone on the record to try and alleviate any fears by saying that Tumblr will remain independent and that there will be no change to their CEO.

However, as we moved closer to the deal, there were signs that some customers were gearing up to move their accounts elsewhere and now that the deal is done, we are seeing just that. WordPress seems to be the preferred site for Tumblr refuges as Matt Mullenweg from WordPress posted on his personal website that he has seen a huge spike in people importing their blogs from Tumblr to WordPress. On a typical day, they may see anywhere from 400-600 posts being imported, but after the announcement, this number jumped to 72,000 in a single hour. The number is large enough to be significant, but at the same time, Mullenweg does caution that this is likely just a knee jerk reaction and that over the long term, it should not have any effect on Tumblr. Mullenweg goes on to put more perspective on this by saying that if a million people were to get up and leave Tumblr, that number would amount to just one week’s worth of signups.


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