Withings WiFi Body Scale

by Elaine on July 28, 2009

Withings WiFi Body Scale

The Withings Connected Body Scale is not your ordinary bathroom scale. Aside from it’s beautiful minimalistic appearance, this digital scale includes WiFi network connectivity.

Not only will this scale measure body weight, but it also determines a persons body fat percentage by emitting an electrical pulse through the persons foot.

With all this stored personal information and the wireless access, the scale can then transmit the data to your iPhone for further analysis. If you elect not to use this feature, another option would be to access the data that is stored at the Withings web control panel using your favorite browser.

The Withings WiFi Body Scale isn’t the first scale to use the World Wide Web to help people achieve their healthy weight loss goals. The BodyTrace Digital Scale was another device that leveraged social networking sites for the same purpose.

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