Windows Phone Will Receive Blue Update

by Mike on February 7, 2013

Windows Blue Update Will Impact Desktop, Phone And Tablet

Love it or hate it, Windows 8 is here and while customers make the jump from earlier Microsoft operating systems to the most current version, Redmond is looking to push out a series of updates this year to Windows 8. Although these updates may not have an official release name just yet, they have been known as Windows Blue.

The update first came on our radar screen at last year and at that time, one of the many goals of this update was to allow mobile phones that have smaller display screens access to as much of the Windows 8 functionality as possible. Today, it would appear that the goals of Blue are even more far reaching then that. Based upon a report from ZDnet who site their sources which are close to Microsoft, Blue will bring down a whole host of updates including newer versions of Mail, Bing, Calendar, Internet Explorer as well as other Microsoft developed apps. In addition to this, there will be other changes within the user interface with the objective being to increase the overall experience that customers have with the product. But, that’s not all that’s in store. Microsoft is also said to be rumored to include other enhancements that will address improving the battery life as well as the performance of the Windows phone.

So far, there is no release date for Windows Blue, but more details will be made available as we approach the release of this update.


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