Will Sony Mobile Abandon Cheap Phone Market?

by Mike on January 12, 2013

Will Sony Mobile Abandon Cheap Phone Market?

It’s not uncommon to see companies come out with goals for the year ahead and in fact it was around this time last year that we heard that HTC had big ambitions about embracing the high end mobile phone market. In doing so, HTC would be cutting back on the number of handsets that they would manufacture and they would leave the budget market to other companies that had an interest in it.

According to the plan, HTC would also design and develop a few lines of high end smartphones so that they could focus their dollars on their top priorities. While the goals were noble and we’ve seen HTC deliver on the high end smartphones, we’ve also seen that HTC has not been able to fully deliver on their goals when it comes to their low end products. Now, we’ve got Sony stating that they have goals that sound similar to those announced by HTC last year and the question arises as to if Sony will be able to deliver on their goals.

Sony has been a strong backer of the Android operating system and will Sony and their Android devices be the equivalent of Apple with their iPhone devices? Time will tell, but this is the direction that was confirmed by Stephen Sneeden, Sony Mobile’s Xperia Product Marketing Manager. According to Sneeden, Sony wants to become known as a “premium smartphone provider” and one of the ways to refocus their brand is to eliminate the budget phones from their line-up.


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