Wi-Reach Classic, Your Mobile WiFi Hotspot

by Angela on February 16, 2010

Wi-Reach Classic, Your Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Connect One has announced today the availability of their new Wi-Reach Classic. This device is a battery operated, portable WiFi hotspot that offers wireless internet connectivity to all of your personal devices be it a personal notebook, digital camera, PDA or multimedia player.

The mobile hotspot makes use of your 3G USB modem which when connected to the Wi-Reach creates a WiFi cloud that can be shared amongst ten internet enabled devices. The device is powered by integrated rechargeable batteries, which best of all, can be recharged through any free USB port. Once the battery is fully charged, users can enjoy between 4 and 5 hours of uninterrupted network access.

Additionally, future technologies such as WiMAX and LTE are also accounted for and supported through an easy firmware upgrade.

Finally, for the security conscious, and who isn’t these days, Wi-Reach will secure your network connection through automatic encryption and password protection, thereby reducing the risk of eavesdropping by those wondering by.

The Wi-Reach Classic is available for $99.

Via: Daily Finance

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