White Google Nexus 4 Android Phone Spotted

by Mike on January 30, 2013

White Google Nexus 4 Android Phone Spotted

The latest iteration of Google’s smartphone is the Nexus 4 and since its launch, there have been quite a few challenges with supplies. The Nexus 4 in white was expected to be available late last year, but the year ended with no sight of this device.

With all of the challenges that we have seen with supplies of the black model, it is very possible that the white model was delayed so as to not put further strains on the supply chain. While this isn’t an official picture of the handset, it is one that was received by an anonymous source that provided the snap to phonearena.com. When we look at the meta data that was attached to the picture, we see that the image was taken with an LG Optimus G smartphone. Since LG is the manufacturer of this handset, could it be that an LG employee was the source of the leak? Of course, we have no way to verify this, but from the same data, we can also tell that this is a very recent picture, one that was taken in just the last seven days.

As of now, there are still no details as to just when the white model will go on sale, but once it does, it is very likely to generate quite a bit of interest.


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