Waterproof Sony NWZ-W250 Walkman MP3 Player

by Mike on April 13, 2010

Waterproof Sony NWZ-W250 Walkman MP3 Player

Sony has come out with a new Walkman MP3 player. Called the Sony NWZ-W250, the new MP3 player will let you take your music with you wherever you go, be it in the shower or more practically, when you’re outdoors walking in the rain.

There’s no worry about water damage with this music player as the W250 is waterproof. The W250 is available in storage capacities of either 2GB or 4GB and there is also a choice of four colors, black, green, pink and silver.

Also, if you happen to be running late and have forgotten to recharge your music player, rest assured as a 3 minute charge time will offer approximately 90 minutes of playback and a full battery charge will give you 11 hours of playtime.

The Sony W250 does not support iTunes DRM but in terms codec support, it does include AAC/Linear PCM/MP3/WMA. No word on pricing, but we should see these devices next month.

Via: Gadget Review, Hardwaresphere

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  • shina nuna

    can i know how much is the price for sony nwz w250.?

  • Mike

    It should be under $60.

  • Holly

    I wonder if this is good enough for swimming? It’s advertised as “waterproof” instead of “water-resistant” which seems more suitable with what they’re trying to sell it for – shower, walking in the rain. But if it truly is waterproof, why not advertise it as pool and swimmer friendly?

  • ^_^

    What`s the price?!

  • jovi

    hai there …can i knw wat is the price for Sony W250 Waterproof Walkman …thank you and is there any waranty???