Walmart’s iPhone Checkout System Expanding

by Mike on March 20, 2013

Walmart's iPhone Checkout System Expanding

Self service has always been a means for building efficiency but also cost savings into an organization. Walmart, a company known for their economy of scale is always looking to increase their operational efficiency and today, it was confirmed that they are expanding their pilot program of iPhone enabled Scan & Go self-checkout.

The pilot has obviously gone well enough to allow Walmart to feel confident to introduce the service into more stores. Essentially, using this feature, iPhone owners that shop at Walmart can scan a product bar code with their Apple smartphone and then use a self service checkout stand to pay for it. So far, there are 70 stores across the nation that have this pilot program and over the next few months, it has been confirmed that it will be expanding to a total of 130 stores. Ultimately, the company wants to have 200 stores running with this technology which is still just a very small portion of their 4,000 US stores, but it is a start.

Based on the company’s own stats, one out of two Walmart shoppers has a smartphone and those that have used Scan & Go have been prone to reuse the service again 50% of the time. To facilitate the growth of this service, Walmart will also be expanding their self-checkout lanes this year.


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