Walmart To Phase Out Kindle Products

by Mike on September 20, 2012

Walmart To Phase Out Kindle Products

It appears it’s a done deal, once the box store Walmart runs out of its current supply of Amazon devices, the company has confirmed that they will be discontinuing their support for most Amazon products, including Kindle e-readers and tablets.

This information became available through the Reuters news organization who was able to obtain an internal document from the company. This is now the second major box store that has confirmed that they won’t be carrying the Amazon Kindle and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider that Amazon’s virtual market place provides direct competition to retail locations such as Walmart.

As we know, Amazon has a very well established web portal which has expanded well beyond the sale of just books. Last December, Amazon launched their Kindle Fire and it was believed that the company launched it as a lost leader, one that would draw even more traffic to their website. By selling Amazon products, Walmart amongst others are simply enabling the competition further and hence their change in policy.

If the internal memo is accurate, Walmart will still be offering some Kindle accessories such as screen protectors and cases, but tablets are now out.


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