Walmart Sells Google Chromecast For $35

by Mike on November 26, 2013


There are a number of options available for streaming digital content to the big screen and Google of course has their own device in Chromecast. While their streaming stick has been available for a while now through companies such as Best Buy, Google Play and Amazon, today, there is another major player to add to the list.

As of now, Walmart will be selling the device for $35, which is the same price that the other companies are selling their HDMI sticks for as well. One thing to note however is several of the major retailers such as Best Buy will be discounting their Chromecast devices this Friday which is Black Friday.

With Chromecast, Google has an alternative in place for Apple TV and Roku and using their device, customers are able to stream video content directly from a tablet or a mobile phone to the big screen. Where Chromecast does beat the competition is in the area of price, but the other advantage is that you have the ability to stream anything from the Chrome browser as well. This means, you can view pictures as well as just surf the Internet on your TV.

With Walmart now carrying Chromecast, we’ll have to see if they drop the price of their device to remain competitive with others that will be doing the same for Black Friday.


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