US Wants Gigabit Internet In All States By 2015

by Mike on January 19, 2013

US Wants Gigabit Internet In All States By 2015

For a company that started out as a basic search engine, Google has flourished and its technology can be found in many facets of our life. Today, we have smartphones that run on the Android operating system, we make use of Google maps and we see the company getting involved with other services and products such as digital medical records and self driving cars.

Google has also gotten into the Internet business by starting their Fiber project within Kansas City. In a bid to introduce gigabit internet speeds within the United States, FCC Chairmanan Julius Genachoski has expressed his desire to have gigabit internet available throughout each of the 50 US states by 2015. Now, Genachoski isn’t suggesting by any means that the entire state be blanketed by gigabit internet technology but rather, at least one community within each state would have access to the technology. Gigabit internet offers exceptional data transfer speeds as the technology relies on fiber optics. Within Kansas City where Google provides their service, gigabit internet retails as part of a package with Internet and TV for $120 per month.

If you’re wondering just why customers need this kind of technology, Genachoski believes that there needs to be a certain “critical mass” of users that have access to it so as to be able to build the next generation products which will ultimately help the US compete in the global economy.


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