US Immigration And Customers Enforcement Agency Ditches BlackBerry

by Mike on October 22, 2012

US Immigration And Customers Enforcement Agency Ditches BlackBerry

Research In Motion has taken a hard beating over the past few years and it appears that the bad news continues for the Canadian company. The latest tumble for RIM comes at the hands of the US Immigration and Customers Enforcement Agency (ICE) who has just confirmed that they are eliminating the Blackberry from their enterprise.

Their new products will be Apple devices running on iOS. This information came to light via the Reuters news organization who confirmed that as part of this transition, 17,600 ICE employees will now be given an iPhone. Although it may seem obvious, analysts will want to hear first hand why ICE has moved away from RIM and in this regards, we’re being told that RIM is no longer able to meet the technology needs of their organization. A spokesperson for ICE went on to say that not only does Apple meet their requirements, but no other company can. For Apple, this has to be seen as a real boost.

What’s a shame for RIM is that this news comes just a few months prior to the company launching BlackBerry 10. Although RIM has always had a strong relationship with businesses due to the perceived security of their devices, it would appear that some of this shine has worn off as both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS appear to have matured considerably on the security front.


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