Ubuntu Smartphones Scheduled For 2014

by Mike on January 3, 2013

Ubuntu Smartphones Scheduled For 2014

On the desktop environment, Microsoft is the dominant player for operating systems and while there are dominant players for mobile operating systems, there are still lots of contenders. Aside from Google Android and Apple iOS we now have another mobile operating system.

Yesterday, Canonical confirmed that they would be developing a mobile OS and their objective is to try and acquire a seat right behind Android and iOS. Canonical did try and explain just why the industry would benefit from an additional OS but without getting into all of the details, Canonical did say that their OS will be “more immersive, less cluttered.” What’s more, they said that other benefits of their OS include the fact that it will be very easy to navigate through their various screens and it will have enough juice so that it could be used as a low end computer. On this front, it will be interesting to see if Canonical has any better luck then Motorola who has already tried this functionality with their handsets but with not very much interest.

Still, we’ll have to see just how Canonical fares in this crowded playing field. Aside from Apple and Google, the company will still have to compete with several other big names such as Microsoft and RIM, to name just a few.


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