TrueCall Telephone Screener

by Angela on July 20, 2009

True Call Phone Screener

Connect TrueCall, a small device, to your home phone line and you have a personal telephone call screener to help eliminate cold calls and automated telemarketers.

The device screens all incoming calls against a whitelist (a list of approved callers) that you create. By verifying the incoming call against the whitelist, TrueCall ensures that your personal calls from mom and dad will continue to be received unimpeded and your phone rings as normal.

However, those not on the whitelist will be rejected. TrueCall includes a Whisper feature which reject callers that remain silent when asked for their name. This single feature will take care of the vast majority of pre-recorded sales calls and telemarketers who tend to use silent calls but will allow calls from people who respond to the voice prompt but you haven’t included on your whitelist.

TrueCall will prevent faxes, telemarketers or any other unwanted calls from interrupting your personal time.

This nifty gadget retails for £98.

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  • Aidan Savage

    I got one cheaper for £80 at Dabs. Great gadget, best thing to come out of dragons den!

  • johnboy

    Interesting that Dabs is owned by British Telecom. After they have made a fortune in call charges for these marketing companies they make even more money selling a device to block them.

    Isn’t capitalism wonderful!