The HMS Hood Returns In Lego Form

by Mike on October 12, 2008

Almost 90 years after the HMS Hood was built (1920) and sunk by the German Kriegsmarine Battleship Bismarck in 1941, it makes it’s return in all it’s majesty and splendor in lego. The lego version of this battlecruiser is impressive, coming in at over 20 feet in length and built to minfig scale.

Ed Diment, the builder of this warship has spared no detail. The warship includes a working derrick on the main mast which draws power from a 9 volt system. In life, a ship of this size always needed a number of support vessels to keep it operational and again, Diment did not forget this detail and has built a full complement of boats to go along with the HMS Hood.

Be sure to checkout Diment’s 184 picture set to realize the full scope of this project.

[Brothers Brick via Gizmodo]

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