The Great Gummi Bear Hanging Chandelier

by Mike on January 16, 2009

Indoor home lighting fixtures have never been more unusual or edible then this yummy Gummi Bear Hanging Chandelier. This is the type of ceiling light that you’d expect to see in the Ritchie Rich comic books.

The Great Gummi Bear Hanging Chandelier

The grand chandelier is the design work of artist YaYa Chou who connected Gummi Bears together using a monofilament wire which was then tied to the chandelier frame.

Great Gummi Bear Hanging Chandelier detail view

This isn’t the first time that Chou has worked in the medium of gummies, as past creations have included the gummi constellation and gummi bear rug.

With all of her gummi creations, I suspect you need to keep a watchful eye over your dinner guests to ensure that no one sneaks a helping hand to a couple of gummies, otherwise you may end up playing a game of Who Done It.

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