The Disappearing Car Door By Jatech

by Mike on October 25, 2008

The Disappearing Car Door, also known as Retractable Car Door technology sounds as if it’s the latest magic trick you’d expect to see at a David Copperfield magic show but rather, it actually is a prototype car door technology that has been designed by Jatech.

Jatech Disappearing Car Door

For the most part, car door technology hasn’t changed all that much since the first cars were designed. Consisting of two hinges and a latch, car doors open outwards. There’s nothing really wrong with this design and that’s probably why it’s been in use for so long. However, if there are opportunities to improve upon the design, why not?

Rather then opening outward, in the Disappearing Car Door concept, the door drops downward into a pocket on the underside of the car. Some of the advantages of this technology include fewer dings on the door, more space for those with special needs and the fact that you cannot be “parked in” by another car that is parked to close. Of course, you can’t forget the coolness of this technology. Take a look at the video which further details the Retractable Car Door.

[Product Page via Gizmoave]

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  • Hendrika Quade

    Is it possible to get this installed? Looks like the best solution to my slight handicap(s). Do any cars in Canada have this type of door?

  • mike

    I know this technology was still being introduced into the marketplace but haven’t seen it in widespread use yet. You might try contacting your vehicle manufacturer to see if they can retrofit this option or something similar for you.

  • Fred

    Bearing in mind the thickness of the door and the space in which to slide it, plus the ground clearance claimed to exist, the internal floor would have to be higher than that in a 4WD.
    Ergo, the video is a fake and the car does not exist.