Tekken For The Apple iPhone and iPod

by Mike on March 8, 2010

Tekken  For The Apple iPhone and iPod

With the announcement of Street Fighter IV for the Apple iPhone late last month, you just had to know that other fighting games would be coming to the Apple app store over the course of the next little while.

We really didn’t have to wait all that long since last months announcements before we heard from one of Capcom’s strongest rivals. It turns out that Namco, a video game developer is looking to port it’s popular fighting game, Tekken 6 to the Apple platform.

Some sources are still calling this a rumor, but according to Pocket Gamer, Tekken for the iPhone is in the advanced stages of development and that the “game is being finished up and it plays rather nicely.”

Some of the fine details are still sketchy. What’s not clear is if Namco is developing the action game from the ground up or if it will be a port of the PSP version, with the latter seeming more probable. Additionally, there isn’t any information as to if this will be a single player or multiplayer game.

Next week is the Game Developers Conference which would have been a good venue to possibly unveil Tekken for the iPhone, but Namco has confirmed that no Tekken announcements can be expected.

Via: Gadget Review, Electric Pig

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