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In terms of aviation safety, any mandated change must be checked and then double checked to ensure that there are no safety concerns that have to be addressed. Many airlines try and accommodate passengers with WiFi but prior to launching a service, WiFi needs to be well tested.

These days, you may be able to pick up a free Internet hotspot connection in a variety of different locations such as within the mall, at a local coffee shop or at the library. Although it has become easier to find hotspots, there are times when free hotspots are unavailable and for cable subscribers, sometimes […]

Chief Executive Officer, Howard Schultz, has confirmed that Starbucks will offer nationwide free WiFi Internet access to all customers starting on July 1st. The announcement was made at the Wired Conference that is taking place in New York.

-By Brad AT&T has announced plans to establish a new Wi-Fi spot in Times Square—which is good news for the many iPhone users in New York City, especially in the Manhattan area.