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Within North America, data plans are very common and as such, access to web apps such as Twitter and Facebook which make use of text are the norm. However, in the emerging markets, the situation is quite different with entry level phones without Internet access being the norm.

Customers that use a Microsoft powered Windows phone may be seeing that their data use has gone up in the past week and for some, this increase may be significant. While you may be checking to see just what was the cause in the spike, you can rest assured that the issue is not with […]

There is no denying the grip that Twitter has when it comes to breaking news. In fact many times, the social network can be the source of breaking news which is then later reported by the mainstream media. You only have to think back to such events as the death of Osama Bin Laden where […]

Twitter has become a mainstream source of breaking news and the last thing that the company needs is a black eye in the form of an account hack. Unfortunately for the micro-blogging site, this is exactly what took place when the Associated Press Twitter account was hacked and a false twitter post indicated that the […]