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Generally speaking, Samsung has scored fairly good marks when it comes to taking the device apart easily. In fact, the back plate of the phone is easy to remove and once that is done, the battery comes out just as easily.

The Samsung Galaxy S line is the South Korean phone makers flagship phone and has a strong following around the world. The launch of the Galaxy S5 will likely see strong sales in April once the device is released and while analysts wait to learn more about the pricing of this device, Samsung isn’t sitting […]

Samsung has become a big fan of the faux leather feel adding it to a number of its devices. From the South Korean hardware company’s perspective, the feel of this material gives their devices some texture as well as a feeling of quality. So far, we’ve seen the Galaxy Note 3 become available with this […]

Last year, Apple came out with their iPhone 5S which included amongst other things, a fingerprint scanner. With Apple now moving away from passwords and towards biometric security, it was only a matter of time before we saw other companies take the same route.