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Samsung has always had deep pockets and it looks like they are going to reach in there to open up a new plant in South Korea. When all is said and done, Samsung will have spent nearly $15 billion to open a new chip manufacturing plant within South Korea.

Big screen televisions are one component of the home theatre system, but to get the full effect, there are a number of other items needed including quality speakers. Today, customers have a number of choices for speakers that can augment their surround sound system including tower and bookshelf speakers.

With Samsung facing some challenges with their shareholders, it was time for a change and just this month, we saw the South Korean company come out with their Galaxy Alpha handset. What made this device unique from the other Samsung handsets was the Galaxy Alpha had a full metal shell.

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but for Apple, they’re probably very tired of Samsung and their encroachment on Apple copyrights. Samsung has taken many design elements and features from Apple devices and incorporated them into their own devices, but one aspect that has not been duplicated yet is Apple’s metal casing.