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Windows 9 is on the way and consumers should have their first official glimpse of it later this month. While it won’t be a final version, it will at least offer everyone an opportunity to see how Microsoft will transition away from Windows 8.

If all of the rumours are correct, it is expected that Microsoft will come out with their next version of Windows, namely Windows 9, at the end of this month. By most accounts, a preview version of Windows 9 will be available on September 30th.

Microsoft has always had challenges with their tablet line up with customers complaining about high prices and limited functionality. Their first tablet didn’t sell as well as the company would have preferred but nevertheless, the company moved forward with the launch of their next generation tablet.

The success of a mobile operating system is determined not just by the hardware that is available for it, but also the software. It’s for this reason that both Android and iOS have been popular operating systems, they have both categories covered.