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Currently, Microsoft has an offering for Android users when it comes to their highly popular suite of Office products. While respectable, the Android version certainly doesn’t have all of the features that users of other operating systems have come to expect and as such, Microsoft is expected to release an Android Office update to bring […]

The Xbox One is still considered a fairly recent launch within China and so far, the company has sold 100,000 units which some analysts are considering a good start for this gaming console. Because of this kind of response, it looks like stretch goals are being put in place with executives looking to sell one […]

You know that you’re trying to make a statement when you open a store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NY and that’s exactly what Microsoft is trying to do after confirming that they are opening their new flagship store. The new Microsoft store will officially be located at 677 Fifth Avenue, which just so happens […]

At this time, the Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest gaming console, one that the company anticipated would be able to compete with other current game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation 4. As always, Microsoft believed in their product and anticipated that customers would give strong consideration to their console after the success of earlier […]