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July is almost here and with it comes the beginning of summer vacation for millions of kids across North America. Along with this though, July is also expected to bring new smartphones that come standard with Windows Phone 8.1.

With Apple, Samsung and Google all at various stages of development with their own smartwatches, many were wondering just when Microsoft would bring their own device to the table. It turns out that while Microsoft has been very quiet in this area, the Redmond company has indeed been working on their own smartwach.

It’s been just over 30 days now since Microsoft pulled the proverbial plug on support for Windows XP and yet, there are still many businesses and consumers that are sticking with the 12 year old operating system.

It’s been known for a while now that original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as HP and Lenovo haven’t been overly happy with the pricing structure that they are faced with when it comes to the cost of Windows 8 on original hardware. Inevitably, this cost is ultimately pushed down to the end user in terms […]