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The ecofriendly fruit powered clock will bring back memories of high school science lab where potato experiments were designed to created an electrochemical battery that would power a clock. This fruit clock works on the same premise as the potato clock and includes not only a clock, but also a digital calendar into it’s design.

This fun gadget is known as the Wine Stopper USB flash drive. If you’re in search of gifts for wine lovers, this unique flash drive will be quite different then the traditional bottle of good red wine or white wine. The one thing you may have to remind the wine connoisseur is that this flash […]

Neat freaks have got to have an ultraclean desktop environment, free of breadcrumbs, pencil shavings and other debris, and this desktop robo vacuum is best gadget for the job. This lightweight handheld vacuum is super easy to use. Just place the device over any unsightly garbage that you want picked up, press the button on […]

If you follow the Disney fairy tales, every little princess dreams of her Prince Charming. For some such as Princess Tiana in The Princess And The Frog, a magical kiss transforms an ordinary frog into a handsome prince. If you want to pass on kissing a frog check out this fun gadget known as the […]