T-Mobile Enables 3G Google Talk Video Chat

by Mike on June 28, 2011

It’s been a hectic time for Android users that are on the T-Mobile network. With Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Google confirmed the launch of a new feature called video chat. This was a feature that many Android owners were waiting for and looking forward to trying and now that it was available, it was time to give it a spin.

Unfortunately, those Android users that were on the T-Mobile network were in for a rude awakening because when they tried this service, they were greeted by a prompt that indicated that this service was not available on 3G and that they would need to switch to a WiFi network. I’m sure T-Mobile must have heard the anger and frustration of their Android users because it looks like the mobile carrier may have had a change of heart.

Recently Phandroid received confirmation from Google Nexus users who are confirming that 3G Google Talk video chat is now working on the T-Mobile 3G network and this has been further corroborated by others that are reporting success with this app through Reddit. We haven’t heard any official comment from T-Mobile just yet in regards to this change and we’ll have to see if they indeed do announce anything official or just let the news come out through the grapevine.

Via: Phandroid

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