Surface Pro Battery Life Is 50% That Of Surface RT

by Mike on November 30, 2012

Surface Pro Battery Life IS 50% That Of Surface RT

When buying a portable device such as a laptop or a tablet, one of the key considerations is battery life. It’s for this reason that we see manufacturers place so much emphasis on getting the most battery life out of their products. Soon, Microsoft will launch their Surface Pro tablet and inevitably, more comparisons with their other tablet, the Surface RT will come up.

In the area of battery life, we can now confirm that the Surface Pro tablet has a battery rated for 4.5-5 hours of use which is roughly half that of the Surface RT. The information was revealed by Microsoft’s Surface project head, Panos Panay who tweeted the information on his personal Twitter account. The Surface Pro tablet is expected to make its debut in January 2013 and when it does, it will come with a full version of the Windows 8 operating system. When you look at the two tablets side by side, there is a significant difference in the battery life, but the Surface Pro does have a battery that is more in line with laptop computers which is what Steve Ballmer indicated was the niche for this device. As the Surface Pro does come with a full version of Windows 8, it is also backwards compatible and will be able to run older Windows applications.


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