Steve Jobs To Annouce iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud Next Week

by Mike on May 31, 2011

Next week, Apple will be hosting their World Wide Developers conference which will take place in San Francisco, California. This years event will be very similar to past events in that we can expect some big announcements from Cupertino.

Most notably, it would seem that Apple’s Chief Executive Officer is feeling well enough to attend this event and he will be giving the keynote speech. At WWDC 2011, we can expect Apple to announce at least three major projects that they have been working on. These include iOS 5 which is their smartphone operating system, OS X Lion, their Mac OS and iCloud, their new cloud services.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen both Google and Amazon detail their cloud music locker systems and the battle for new customers has begun. Apple, who should also be a major player in this field, has been quiet. What we have known for some time is that Apple has been working on their own cloud services called iCloud and it is believed that the service will originate out of their data center that is located in North Carolina. To add to this, Cupertino has also purchased the domain name iCloud which follows Apple’s trend of branding their services with the prefix i. We’ll find out a lot more about iCloud next week, but for now, we can say that it is a cloud based music service that will integrate with iTunes.

Via: Fast Company

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