Steve Ballmer Takes Shots At Apple And Android Devices

by Mike on November 15, 2012

Steve Ballmer Takes Shots At Apple And Android Devices

At times, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, reminds me of the US Vice President, Joe Biden. Ballmer, like Biden, can sometimes go off on a tangent and hold no punches back. Last night, Ballmer was being interviewed by Reid Hoffman on the state of Microsoft.

It was during this one on one session that Ballmer let some real zingers fly regarding both Apple and Google. To begin with, Ballmer saw Apple’s iOS as something that is “highly controlled” and over priced with Ballmer giving the example of the sixth generation iPhone commanding prices of up to $1,000 in international markets. On the other hand, Ballmer saw Android as essentially the opposite of iOS. Whereas Apple had tight controls on iOS, Ballmer perceived Android as an operating system that is “uncontrolled”, “wild” and an OS that was prone to malware.

With the stage set, Microsoft’s CEO believed that their Windows based products could slide itself in between these two extremes and carve out a niche for itself. Ballmer went on to say that his company has worked very closely with third party developers to ensure the success of their latest products such as Windows 8, Phone and Surface. Below is an 8 minute segment of this interview. Have a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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