Sony NV-U3DV GPS Navigation Device

by Mike on July 24, 2009

Sony Japan has unveiled a new navigation unit called the NV-U3DV or Bravia Nav. The device will feature a 6.1-inch LCD screen with 480×272 resolution and 4GB of internal storage.

Sony GPS Navigation Device N3DV

The screen size on the Sony GPS unit is larger then the industry standard, but the advantage of the larger screen size is more map space and easy to read navigation buttons.

The version to be released in Japan will also be able to watch TV broadcasts and can also be used to view personal movies, pictures or listen to music.

Position+G is a cool new feature that Sony has incorporated into the design of this unit. Using pressure sensors, an accelerometer and gyro-sensors, the GPS is able to detect changes in travel direction and orientate itself as needed. This is especially useful for drivers who travel through many tunnels and underpasses.

The Sony NV-U3DV GPS system will retail in August for $685 US.

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