Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Service Up By This Week

by Mike on May 31, 2011

Confirmation has been received from Sony Electronics that their PlayStation Network will be fully functional by the end of the week. In terms of regional access, this includes full access for Sony customers that live within Asia, North and South America and Europe.

However, some regions will still experience challenges including South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Essentially, excluding a few Asian counties, the remainder of the world will have full access restored to the PSN, meaning that all functionality will be available to them again including the redemption of codes and vouchers, Media Go access, etc. In addition to this, Sony has also advised that Qriocity is being brought back online so that users will have the the ability to use Music Unlimited again. What will remain offline for the foreseeable future is VOD and Music Unlimited that is accessed through a third party device or put another way, a device which is not a personal computer, a PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Portable.

We know that Sony aims to have PSN up this week, but testing of the new security systems are still under way and because of this, we do not have an exact date/time as to when full service will be up. Once service is restored, users will be able to access their Welcome Back packs which will be Sony’s way of compensating customers for the lost service. These packs will include a few free games which will be given to all customers.

The only question now is how will gamers respond to the network being restored? Will they return and be satisfied with the Welcome Back Packs or will there be a backlash of some sort?

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