Solar Powered Plant Pot

by Mike on June 23, 2008

Solar Powered Plant Pot

Gardening can be an amazing source of relaxation and therapy. Just getting your hands in the dirt can be a euphoric feeling and there is a certain level of pride and accomplishment that one can receive from a well manicured lawn with plants.

All this is great during the day, but how do you draw some attention to your garden at night. Sure, outdoor lights can do the trick, but that’s to easy. Christmas tree lights strung around one or two trees in December works for that month, but what about the other eleven months?

That’s where the solar powered plant pots come in. These cool little plant holders will charge during the day using simple solar power. At night, these plant holders come to life, glowing in a solid white, or if you want to be really adventurous, you can pick one up that glows in an assortment of colors.

What’s nice about these pots is the solar charger is separate from the pot itself. This means that should the pots themselves be under a shady tree, the charger can be moved to a brighter section of the lawn where it can soak up the rays for charging.

Product page: Solar Powered Plant Pot via Pocket-Lint

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