Social Networking Site Nextdoor Wants Neighborhoods Safe

by Mike on December 27, 2012

Social Networking Site Nextdoor Wants Neighborhoods Safe

Facebook and Twitter are two of the more popular social networking sites available today and if you read streams regularly, you will see breaking news as well as mundane updates such as someone cutting the grass or eating breakfast.

Social networking sites can be a great means of getting information out and while Facebook and Twitter work on a global scale, Nextdoor wants to take a more local approach to the entire premise of sharing information. Nextdoor is a service similar to the neighbourhood watch program but Nextdoor is entirely online. Essentially, a user would register for an online account and then specify the borders of their neighbourhood. The service will then allow you to open up your neighbourhood watch to others that live close to you and assuming that you can register ten additional users within the first 21 days after creating your account, you will then have an active account.

As a neighbourhood block program, Nextdoor will allow you to share information about the comings and goings within your area. You will be able to share information with your group about such items as shady characters, lost pets, indigenous animals that are going through your garbage, etc. The service can also be used for more positive aspects of your neighbourhood such as setting up a block party.


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