Small Screen iPad Prototype Being Tested

by Mike on February 22, 2012

All companies have to be quick to respond to the current market conditions or risk the possibility of becoming irrelevant. Research In Motion is one company that has taken a beating in the last year simply because they were unwilling to adapt to what the market was demanding.

Apple may be at the top of its game right now, but there are always contenders nipping at its heels. Last year, we saw Amazon come into its own with its small screen Amazon Kindle Fire. The Android tablet did wonders for the company’s bottom line and though Apple was quick to acknowledge the success of the Kindle, Tim Cook did say that the Kindle caters to a different market segment then the iPad. Although these were the public comments that were being made, behind the scenes, it would appear that Apple is testing prototype tablets that will feature smaller display screens.

There has been no decision made one way or another whether these prototype designs will ever see the light of day. However, should they ever reach the point of mass production, the impact that they have on the marketplace will not be felt until 2013 as the release date of said will be in the fourth quarter of this year, just around Christmas time. According to the details, the smaller screen iPad tablet will have a standard resolution of 1024×768 which is half of the 2048×1536 pixel resolution that is expected to be seen with the iPad 3. Additionally, the expectations are that these mini tablets will have a screen size of 7.85-inches and for the sake of comparison, the current crop of iPad 2 tablets come with a 9.7-inch display screen.


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