Secret Intel Set Top Box Development Focuses On Facial Recognition

by Mike on June 8, 2012

Intel Facial Recognition TV

Intel may be the current industry leader when it comes to the design and manufacturing of processor chips for computers, but we’ve seen the company recently launch out in other directions as it tries to expand its reach and revenues.

ARM has always been in Intel’s cross-hairs and now the chipmaker is trying to address them head-on with low footprint processors that work in tablet computers as well as mobile phones. However, in addition to this, it appears that Intel has also another business line that they want to get into and that is set-top boxes. It turns out that one of Intel’s secret projects, though not so secret now has been the development of a set-top box and a subscription service that will not only compete with regional cable services, but will also address Apple and Google, both of whom want their own TV devices in the family home.

What makes Intel’s product quite a bit different from the other products out there is that Intel wants to deploy their device with limited facial recognition. It would be limited in the sense that this facial recognition will only identify a persons age and gender. Now you may wonder just why Intel would want to know the gender and age of their viewing audience and it has to do with advertising dollars. Knowing just who is watching TV allows them to better target commercials to the viewers which means happier advertisers and in turn more revenue for IBM.

Customers may be wondering what’s in it for them to have such an intrusive piece of technology in their home. To begin with, more revenue for Intel may mean better programming content and it also means that the ads that customers see would be something that just might interest them as opposed to seeing something completely irrelevant.


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