Samsung Wants Details On The New iPad 3 And iPhone 5

by Mike on May 30, 2011

The relationship between Apple and Samsung has been a strange one. On one hand, both companies need each other and are said to be negotiating over AMOLED display screens for the new iPad 3.

However, on the other hand, the two companies have been involved in a rather heated feud that sees both sides accusing the other of patent infringement. The latest volley to be fired in this exchange is from Samsung, whose lawyers have filed a motion in court asking that the court grant them the access to the new iPad and iPhone that Apple is developing.

Obviously, this will not sit well with Apple nor any company as all of them want to maintain their corporate advantage by not sharing their intellectual property. However, it is not as if this request being made to the court is without merit. It was only recently that a judge sided with Apple and requested that Samsung hand over samples of their unreleased mobile phones and tablets and these samples included the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy S2.

Considering that Samsung has filed a countersuit against Apple claiming that Cupertino has infringed upon their patents and seeing as how there is now precedence, this request doesn’t seem to be without merit. There are some subtle differences between the requests that Apple and Samsung have made. In regards to Apple wanting to see Samsung products, Apple’s request was to see Samsung devices that were already publicly announced. Samsung however wants to see Apple products that have not been officially announced.

Via: Mashable

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