Samsung To Apple: No Batteries For You

by Mike on November 24, 2012

Samsung To Apple: No Batteries For You

Within the courtroom, its been pretty much Apple that has started legal proceedings around the world, but Samsung is hitting back in their own way. As a major supplier of parts for Apple products, Samsung is in a strategic position to hit Apple where it counts by cutting off supplies that the Cupertino company needs to manufacture its popular gadgets.

Samsung started this trend last month when we first heard that the Korean company would no longer be supplying Apple with LCD displays. This was big news because Samsung is the number one supplier of display screens to Apple and this contract termination meant that Apple had to source new displays for their iPad tablets and other products. Now, Samsung is severing even more ties with Apple as they have indicated that they will no longer supply Apple with batteries for their Macbook and iPad line of products. In doing so, once again, Apple will need to source new suppliers and this time, they have called upon both Tianjin Lishen Battery and Amperex Technology Limited, both of whom must now make up the shortfall. This change comes shortly after the recent rumour that Samsung had also increased prices on Apple processors by 20 percent.


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