Samsung Tizen Powered Mobile Phones Arrive In 2013

by Mike on December 31, 2012

Samsung Tizen Powered Mobile Phones Arrive In 2013

In October of this year, Samsung confirmed that they had plans to merge their own mobile operating system Bada with Tizen, but since that announcement, things have been fairly quiet on this front.

All of this is expected to change as we approach the New Year as Samsung has confirmed that they will be launching one and possibly two Tizen powered smartphones next year. Tizen is an HTML-5 based OS and based upon the information available through the Daily Yomiuri Online, we can expect these new phones to launch in Japan and possible in a few other countries as well. However, which other countries are not known at this time.

Of course, with the launch dates being so vague, the guessing games have begun as to just when the devices will be available for preview. On this front, we can see that the Mobile World Congress is set to start in late February and seeing as how this event is related to mobile devices, one would think that this would be an ideal time to showcase these new devices. In fact, these may not be the only Samsung handsets to arrive at the MWC as there is also speculation that we could hear an announcement for the Galaxy S4 at this time as well.


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