Samsung Smartwatch Is In The Works

by Mike on March 19, 2013

Samsung watch

Apple may be working on their next big project which is being called in some circles as the iWatch, but they’re not the only ones working on such a device. One of Apple’s biggest competitors, Samsung is also busy working on their own time piece, so says Bloomberg.

In fact, based upon the information available, Samsung has been working on their device for quite a while now and their objective is to have it ready as soon as possible so as to not fall behind Apple and others that are also preparing their own wearable gadgets. According to analysts, the field of wearable computing will be the next big thing and those that are able to jump into this field quickly will be in the best position to capitalize.

From what we are hearing, the Samsung watch will have a monochrome user interface as well as WiFi connectivity. There is also speculation that Samsung will integrate the ability to make phone calls directly from the watch. At this time, the software that powers the device is known as AltiusOS beta 2 and whether this will eventually somehow integrate into the final branding of the watch is not known.

Aside from functioning as a time piece, the watch will also support music playback and the ability to view notifications from a display screen that will measure 500×500.


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