Samsung Quarterly Profits Expected To Be Strong

by Mike on October 12, 2012

Samsung Quarterly Profits Expected To Be Strong

October is when we’ll start hearing corporations reporting on their quarterly earnings and profits. In the world of technology, Samsung Electronics is one company that is getting ready to announce its results at the end of this month. For the Korean manufacturer, it’s been a very busy year both with new products and ongoing litigation that they have been involved with.

Regardless of the legal proceedings, it would seem that Samsung has had another successful quarter with reports coming in that they will announce $7.3 billion in quarterly profits. In doing so, the company will have improved quarter over quarter for 4 consecutive quarters. In terms of what is driving their sales, one only has to look at the success of their Galaxy brand which the company continues to expand on, with new rumours suggesting both the Galaxy 4 and a mini Galaxy being planned for launch next year. On the flip side of the coin, areas that have been a struggle for the company have been processor orders which have been steadily declining. In this regards, the company does want to reduce its reliance on processor manufacturing moving forward both because of poor market conditions but also because demand is declining. As a company, Samsung has a valuation of $197 billion and they are still one of the leaders in a number of niches including smartphones, televisions and processors.


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