Samsung Galaxy S4 Will Have A Plastic Body

by Mike on March 6, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Plastic Body

When we hear about companies looking at all new kinds of materials when it comes upcoming smartphone models, it was kind of interesting to hear Eldar Murtazin indicate that his sources were suggesting that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone the S4 would have a plastic body.

In some ways, it did seem a bit unusual to hear this, but at the same time, all of Samsung’s older models from the Galaxy S, right up to the Galaxy S3 had a plastic case. Well, it turns out that Murtazin was correct as Y.H. Lee, Samsung’s executive vice president of mobile has gone on the record to confirm that the S4 will indeed have a plastic body. In keeping with the plastic body, Samsung is said to be looking to try and maintain a balance between the demand for a premium handset and manufacturing efficiency. While some phone makers may focus more on the beauty of the device, Samsung is said to be wanting to take a more practical approach, one that would not negatively impact the manufacturing process. In some ways, this does make sense as we all know the supply strains that were felt when the iPhone 5 went to the manufacturing stage and challenges were then encountered with the construction.


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