Samsung Galaxy S4, Australia Launch Gets Delayed

by Mike on April 28, 2013


Samsung’s hottest new handset, their upgrade to their flagship Android phone, was scheduled to launch down under, but regrettably for consumers, there are already delays. The South Korean phone maker put on a splashy introduction in Sydney this past Wednesday and in an effort to drum up even more hype, the company even included advertising on Sydney’s famous opera house.

While the launch party took place with the expectation that the handsets would be available on April 27th, it turns out that this was not the case. In fact, the handsets are now delayed and Samsung has offered no explanation as to why. Many consumers that were looking to pick up the smartphones were greeted with disappointment when they went down to their mobile carrier to see signs that the handsets were not in stock. The blog Electronista has also performed a quick check of some of the major telcos to find that the situation has not changed on Sunday.

Even though the Galaxy S4 may be delayed, local telcos are still in the business of signing up new consumers. Vodafone for instance has been registering customers for the Galaxy S4 under the agreement that once the company does receive the handsets, they will ship them out to consumers.


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