Rumour: Net Xbox Console Is Xbox Infinite

by Mike on May 5, 2013


In regards to the next generation Xbox gaming console, there have already been a number of rumours as customers anxiously wait for its release. While Microsoft has been quiet on the subject, there has been speculation that the console will need an always on Internet connection and that the focus of the console will be not just as an online game box, but also as a media center for the home.

Up until now, there have been a few names thrown about as to just what this device will be called. Some has said it will be the Xbox 720, while others have said the Xbox Fusion and of course there is also the Xbox Infinity. Until Microsoft officially declares the name of their device, all of these names are good guesses, but today, we can add one more rumoured name to the mix. The latest rumoured name of this device is the Xbox Infinite and this one does seem to have a bit more weight behind it as it comes from SEGA who listed the console as a supported platform for their new game Sonic Excursion.

Essentially, SEGA had a list of supported consoles and in addition to the usual suspects such as PC, PlayStation 3, 3DS, Wii U and Xbox 360, there was one other console listed and that was the Xbox Infinite. If this SEGA leak is legitimate, one would think that there would be a bit more validity behind the Xbox Infinite name.


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