Rumour: Intel Ivy Bridge Launch Date Is April 23

by Mike on April 12, 2012

Intel Ivy Bridge Processor

New rumours that have come to light seem to suggest that Intel is looking to bump up their launch date for their upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. It’s not a big change from its original launch date, but the new date advances the launch by 6 days to April 23rd.

There’s no reasons provided as to Intel’s rationale behind the change in date, but one possible reason is that supplies of the new Intel processor are healthy enough to warrant an earlier launch date. Although Intel may be planning an earlier release date for the processor, this should not in any way advance the current time lines put forward by four hardware vendors, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and HP all of whom are expected to be developing their own ultrabooks which will be deployed by the Intel CPU.

Like all rumours, this one does need to be taken with a grain of salt. Understandably, Intel will not comment on rumours, waiting until there is an official launch date but there is collaborating evidence that suggests that just maybe a refresh is underway and this comes in the form of the MacBook Pro which is seeing supplies shrinking. The timing of the new Intel processors couldn’t be better as the chip maker recently confirmed that they see a big market for ultrabooks in the coming years and are gearing up 75 new designs.


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