Rumour: Google Retail Stores May Open This Year

by Mike on February 16, 2013

Rumour: Google Retail Stores May Open This Year

Recently, Apple was touting the success of their iPad and according to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, a major contributor to the success of this tablet was the fact that Apple has their own Apple stores. According to Cook, these stores allowed customers to be able to see, touch and use the iPad and because customers were able to see that the tablet was a different device from a laptop, the devices began to sell very well. Cook went on to say that each Apple store generates about $50 million in revenue every year.

It’s not just Apple that has realized how important it is to have a physical presence, but we’re seeing Microsoft and Samsung following the same approach with their own branded stores. Now, if the rumours are correct, it would appear that Google is next in line to launch Google Stores. These stores are expected to open before the year is out and as one would expect, they will focus on Google products. As such, customers walking into one of these stores could expect to see Chromebooks, Nexus devices and other Google devices. While these devices are already available at retail stores such as Best Buy, these sorts of companies offer a variety of products and their employees have a basic understanding of all brands. Employees at the Google store will be trained and have an expertise on Google products.

Should these stores open this year, the payment system will include cash, credit, debit and most likely, also Google Wallet.


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