Rumour: Google Preparing An Internet TV Service

by Mike on July 17, 2013


Just the other day, we reported on a rumour concerning Apple and their attempts to secure deals with networks that would allow them to deliver a stronger Apple TV experience. But, they’re not alone as it seems that many companies are working on their own products in an effort to break the monopolies of the cable companies.

Google is another company working on such a product and today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the search engine giant is also busy in negotiations with media companies to deliver content for their new internet TV service. Those close to the negotiations believe that Google’s service will be similar to what we receive from our current providers with the main difference being a higher degree of flexibility. So far, Google has been quiet on the reports, but if correct, Google would like to take the approach of Hulu and Netflix in that they would offer network television through an a la cart basis. The main difference from the cable companies would be that Google would stream their content over the Internet rather then using a cable box.

The WSJ goes on to say that this is not a done deal by any means and one of the biggest challenges will be content bundles. While media companies don’t have an issue with negotiating with new companies, the best prices have often gone to the most experienced players and that “standard programming bundles” would be something that Google may have to accept. Again, we’re still early in the negotiations, but we’ll have to see how Google makes out as there are many consumers that are tired of bundled programming.


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