Rumour: Android’s Key Lime Pie Or 5.0 Launches In May

by Mike on March 30, 2013

Rumour: Android's Key Lime Pie Or 5.0 Launches In May

The next iteration of Google’s Android Operating system is expected to now be Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0 and by most accounts, the new version may be available by this May 2013. Currently, the most recent handsets to have launched such as the Galaxy S4 are powered by Jelly Bean or Android 4.1.

Initially, it was believed that Key Lime Pie would be just a minor update to Android and as such, it would be given the version number of 4.2. The fact that this has changed with Jelly Bean being both version 4.1 and 4.2 while Key Lime Pie is now 5.0 means that the next version of Android should be a significant update. All the details of Key Lime Pie should be available by May 25th which is when the Google I/O conference begins, but there has been quite a bit of speculation as well as rumours as to just what we can expect with Android 5.0. To begin with, the new OS will utilize the Linux 3.8 kernel which due to its efficiency means that less ram will be utilized and this in turn offers improvements in multitasking. We can also expect to see the debut of Google Babble within Android 5.0 which is a new tool to try and converge some of the communication tools (Messenger, Hangout, Chat, Voice, Talk) that are already available.


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