Rumour: 4.8-inch iPhone Math Launches In June?

by Mike on January 21, 2013

Rumour: 4.8-inch iPhone Math Launches In June?

A new day and a new rumour regarding Apple is nothing unusual, but this one is interesting. According to today’s rumour, Apple will launch a pair of iPhone models this June. The first will be the the iPhone 5S which doesn’t seem as much of a surprise seeing as the naming convention is consistent with what Apple currently uses.

The second handset that is rumoured to be coming out at the same time is one that has a 4.8-inch screen and it will be called the “iPhone Math.” We’re not sure just how accurate this rumour is and it is possible that the current name is just the codename with the name changing again prior to launch. If the rumours are accurate, this handset will match the iPhone 5S in that it will come standard with an 8MP camera.

Today’s news does also confirm earlier reports that we’ve been hearing, namely that Apple will launch more then one iPhone this year. In fact, in addition too these two handsets, Apple will also launch a third iPhone around Christmas time. This third handset will see a bump up in the camera over the June iOS devices in that it will feature a 12MP camera.


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