Rumour: iPad Mini Arrives In Third Quarter

by Mike on April 16, 2012

Apple Mini Tablet

In the last year, we have seen a number of new tablets arrive on the scene and many technology companies have tried to cater to various segments of the market, developing tablets that come in a variety of screen sizes.

Apple is one company that so far has limited itself to a tablet model that is only available in one screen size. Although the devices can vary in terms of their storage capacity and the type of network connectivity that they support, screen size has always remained consistent. Even in one of Apple’s recent financial calls, the company indicated that that the Kindle Fire caters to a different market then does the iPad. Although this may have been their public statement, internally, there have always been rumoured discussions that the company was looking to come out tablets that featured smaller screens.

Today, the website NetEase reinforces these rumours by stating that these smaller tablets or mini iPads will sell for somewhere between $249 and $299. For mass production, Apple will turn to Pegatron and Foxconn, with the company expecting both companies to provide dependable delivery of tablets as required. Although we don’t have any indication as to just when these tablets will go on sale, it’s believed that Apple already has 6 million units ready.


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