RIM Gets Name Change, Now BlackBerry

by Mike on January 30, 2013

RIM Gets Name Change, Now BlackBerry

Today is the day that Research In Motion is holding their BlackBerry 10 launch party, an event at which we’re learning about their latest operating system and handsets that will run on the new platform.

Along with this however, RIM is also looking to reinvent themselves and perhaps shed some of the baggage that they have been carrying for some time. Today, the company has rebranded itself. No longer will they be known as RIM, but simply as BlackBerry which is their flagship product. Along with the name change, the company will also be changing their ticker name on the stock markets. On The TSX, the company will now trade under BB while on the Nasdaq, the company can be searched up under BBRY.

In announcing their name change, Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry’s Chief Executive Officer did say that today was the day that the company was rebranding itself with the new OS and handsets. To reflect this, it was the right time for a company name change as well. Heins went on to say that BlackBerry is everywhere. From customers to company staff to shareholders, everyone owns a BlackBerry and with that came the name change. They are now simply BlackBerry where ever you go in the world.


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