Record Coasters – LP Records Have New Life

by Mike on June 26, 2008

LP Record Coasters

Everything old has a way of becoming new again in one form or another and such is true with LP Records. Once tucked away in a corner of the attic because your only record player broke, LP records have a new life.

If you’re into do it yourself projects, I’m sure this wouldn’t be a very challenging job to do, but if you are more inclined to purchase a ready made item, is selling coasters for mugs that are made from recycled LP records.

These coasters are sure to please as they do contain the original label so that while you are having your coffee, if the desire should overwhelm you, you can peruse the label of an LP. To protect the label from moisture, the coasters are laminated and in the tradition of a true LP, the coasters are double sided.

As mentioned this would be a nice DIY project so that you can take your personal favorite LPs and convert them into coasters.

Product Page: Delight via Chipchick

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